BESH Project in the News!

Posted on February 28th, 2018


Marion County held a ribbon cutting to kick off the official opening of the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Greenway Trail Santos and Land Bridge phases.  Pictured to the far right with scissors in hand is Duane Booth, P.E. Principal/President of BESH.  He is the Engineer of Record for the Land Bridge Phase and BESH was the Prime Consultant for this project.

BESH’s scope of responsibility included survey, design, permitting, construction administration and quality control. The project  began construction the third week in April, 2017. Design elements include a tunnel design under CR 484, a temporary bypass road CR 484, coordination with all environmental issues (gopher tortoises, sand skinks, scrub jays, etc.), utilizing the existing lime rock road for the trail, where feasible to maintain cost control, and addressing safety issues at trail crossings with proper signage and flush curbs.

The Santos and Land Bridge phases are two of seventeen trail sections forming the Cross Florida Greenway. The Greenway crosses Florida from the Gulf of Mexico to the St. John’s River with more than 300 miles of trail for biking, walking and other non-motorized transportation.

“This is a tremendous economic driver,” said Eric Draper, Director of the Florida Park Services. “People will come from all over the state to Marion County to enjoy this trail.”

The folks that were gathered to ride the trail were more enthralled, however, with the beauty and layout of the trail and were enthusiastic to have such a wonderful, local amenity to enjoy for years to come.

Below are a few links regarding the ribbon cutting and the project.