Mount Dora Christian Academy Football/Track & Field Stadium

The Mount Dora Christian Academy football/track and field needed an upgrade to address a number of issues, challenges and requirements.  Duane K. Booth, P.E, President was tapped to design the new facility. 

For starters, the old track was widened and made longer to meet new high school standards (meters vs. yards) and more lanes were added.

The field also need to meet ADA accessibility requirements.  BESH’s design resolved this issued by cutting into the steep slopes on the east and west side of the existing field and building a retaining wall so bleachers could be installed.

Managing the ground water around the track was another issue and proper drainage was incorporated into the design to eliminate standing water.  

Mr. Booth worked with the school and ball field experts to discuss other features that needed to be addressed.  Says Booth, “There’s a lot of safety precautions that go into the design of a track and field.  You need to know how much run-out room you need and how much clearance room you need.”   Together, Mr. Booth and the ball field experts ensured that the geometry was appropriately sized for shotput, discus and other track and field events while ensuring ample room for participants to compete.

Another consideration was maintenance.   The football field has synthetic turf, specifically chosen for it’s ease of maintenance and durability.  Because the school does not have a separate practice field for football and soccer, the field must be ready for games after practices.  The turf maintains the same structure and the field remains play-ready.  The field also incorporates used coconut husks into the turf versus black rubber which is been the norm.  The coconut husks are eco-friendly and keep the field much cooler than the black rubber – a much-needed feature in the hot Florida climate.

BESH handled all site design, permitting survey and construction administration.

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