City of Clermont Boat Ramp

The City of Clermont, as part of its Downtown-Waterfront Master Plan, needed to upgrade the City’s boat ramp on Lake Minneola in order to accommodate increased boating traffic and parking needs.

BESH created three design concept plans for the boat ramp, and presented them to the City council for a decision. The concept plan that placed the ramp at the former Bell Ceramics location was selected over revamping the old boat ramp.

The new boat ramp has double the launch pads (four instead of two), increased parking (102 spots instead of 77), 10 mooring slips (the old site had none), and new restrooms.  Construction was completed in six months. 

BESH also provided the boundary,  topographic,  wetland and bathymetric survey.  BESH also provided all permitting services with FDEP for stormwater, water and sewer, and coordinated the relocation of utilities.  Additionally, BESH  assisted the city with bidding, construction administration and management assistance, and issued the certification of completion and the final as-built survey for the necessary Sovereign submerged land lease. 

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