City of Clermont Downtown Streetscape Phase I Project:

Pictures of the most recently completed section of Osceola Avenue as of April 28, 2020.

This project is part of the City’s Downtown Master Plan which focuses on keeping the growing City connected, protecting its charms, and revitalizing the historic downtown section with new gathering places – along, and adjacent to, the waterfront.

The purpose of the Streetscape Phase I project was to design an “event streets” roadway for Osceola Avenue. Design elements included improved parking and walkability, a designated meeting area, beautification with landscaping and pavers – which also offer traffic calming and improved safety for the increased pedestrian and cyclist traffic.

BESH provided surveying, engineering design, project coordination and construction management services for this project. BESH also managed subconsultants for landscape and electrical design.

The complete Downtown Master Plan anticipates three (3) phases to the streetscape improvements portion of the Plan.

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