Parramore Homes

BESH provided survey, engineering and the site plan for 3 homes that were recently completed in Parramore – a community that lies just to the west of Downtown Orlando.   The homes are part of the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency’s (CRA) plan to build homes and apartments so everyone can afford to live in downtown Orlando.  These homes are the first of 10 total homes to be built in the area.  Through this redevelopment opportunity, the City/CRA seeks to address several public goals including: 1. Create a high quality mixed income residential development to include safe, affordable housing serving low and moderate income households, within the City of Orlando. 2. Increase the inventory of permanent supportive housing within the City of Orlando (See Exhibit “B”, Part 2 for an explanation). 3. Foster community development that will enhance the surrounding neighborhoods and serve as a catalyst for revitalization in Parramore.   

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