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City of Fruitland Park

Water Master Plan, Wastewater Master Plan & Reuse Water Capital Improvement Master Plan

Booth, Ern, Straughan & Hiott, Inc., has worked as the Engineering Consultant for the City of Fruitland Park since 2008. BESH is currently preparing the Water, Wastewater and Reuse Master Plans for the City of Fruitland Park, as well as a systemwide hydraulic model of the City’s existing water system. The Master Plans will project population growth, water demands, wastewater flows and loadings, and make specific recommendations for required expansions to the City’s water and wastewater infrastructure for a twenty year period. The report is the basis for guiding the City’s planning for future water, wastewater and reuse system improvements. The Water Master Plan, Wastewater Master Plan and Reuse Master Plan, upon completion, will be adopted by the City in 2011, and will be the guidebook behind the current system expansions being undertaken.

Report Cost: $70,000.00

Completion Date: Currently Underway

Client Contact: Mr. Ralph Bowers
City Manager
City of Fruitland Park

Client Phone Number: (352) 360-6727


Duane K. Booth, P.E. – Engineer of Record
Troy E. Mitchell, P.E.
Bard D. Bublitz, E.I.
Christopher B. Williams