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SR 500 Fruitland Park

Utility Relocations

BESH, on behalf of the City of Fruitland Park, was a subconsultant to DRMP, responsible for design drawings for the construction of the utility relocations (water and sewer) as required to avoid conflicts with proposed roadway improvements by the Florida Department of Transportation. The scope of these services included design and permitting for relocations as deemed necessary based upon the proposed FDOT roadway improvement plans provided by DRMP, the FDOT Design Engineer. BESH also prepared FDEP water and sewer permit applications, coordinated with FDOT and the FDOT contractor and utility providers of final water and sewer utility locations. BESH prepared the Technical Special Provisions and Pay Item numbers and quantities for the project. This project was a JPA hardship case.

Construction Cost: $470,000.00

Completion Date: Ongoing

Client Contact:
Dyer, Riddle Mills & Precourt, Inc. DRMP was the Project Manager)

Client Phone Number: (407) 896-0594 FDOT D-5

Project Manager: Sarah Van Gundy


Duane K. Booth, P.E. – Engineer of Record
Robert A. Ern, Jr. P.E.
J. Michael Straughan, P.S.M.
Brad D. Bublitz, E.I.