Before we put pen to paper on your development’s design, we do all the necessary engineering – from stormwater to utilities – first.  Why is this important?  Because no plan can be considered a viable, buildable product without this vital step completed. 

Oftentimes, Land Planners create a concept plan, then send it to engineers to see how, if possible, to make it all work.  More often than not, that means changes to the plan to accommodate necessary infrastructure.

BESH approaches concept plans a bit differently.  We do all the necessary engineering in conjunction with the concept plan to see if it is viable – before it is ever presented to the client. The result is a buildable product versus the “This is a great idea but will it work?” method of design first, engineering second.  BESH eliminates the guesswork, streamlines the process, and provides developers with the necessary tools to make educated and informed decisions on their projects. Contact us today and let us show you why BESH should be your Land Planning Professional.

Meet the BESH Land Planning Team

Duane K. Booth, P.E.

Duane Booth, P.E. is the visionary behind some of Central Florida’s premier developments – including Kings Ridge, Legends, Belle Chase and Mission Inn… to name a few.  He approaches each project with the purpose of maximizing the land usage to its highest potential. 

Charles C. Hiott, P.E.

Charles “Chuck” Hiott, P.E., is the creative force and engineer behind many of the more innovative developments in the area- including ShantiNiketan, Etowah, Hidden Harbor and Green Key Village.  Chuck brings extensive knowledge and experience to each project and delivers a superior product – each and every time.

Brad J. Bublitz, E.I.

Brad Bublitz, E.I.,  specializes in the design of residential site infrastructure focusing on layout, stormwater management, water and sewer utilities,  and roadway design.  In addition to providing quality control, he routinely handles multi-phased projects that require coordination between multiple engineers agencies and other disciplines.

Scott Harp
Senior Designer

Scott Harp has been designing Planned Unit Developments and large scale developments for over 20 years with BESH.  He brings an innate understanding of the design/engineering component to every design – which translates to a comprehensive design each and every time.