12th Street Stormwater Improvements Project – Clermont, Florida

BESH’s scope of services included route survey, location and survey of underground utilities, design of new inlets and storm piping, dry retention pond and outfall structure, roadway reconstruction, relocation of water and sewer utilities and utility coordination with phone, power and cable.

12th Street is located on the north side of Lake Minnehaha and was identified as one of 16 basins with a point source discharge to Lake Minnehaha.  The Lake Minnehaha Study was performed by BESH in 2006, to identify direct discharges of stormwater within a 273 acre basin with the City of Clermont City limits as part of the City’s MS4 permit.  BESH identified 16 drainage basins with a direct point source discharge to Lake Minnehaha.  The 12th Street project is the second stormwater project the City has chosen to complete.  The project basin area is approximately 8.7 acres and is funded 50% from the City’s stormwater fund and 50% by Lake County Water Authority.  The 12th Street project includes construction of new inlets and storm pipe, construction of a small dry retention pond within a City Park next to Lake Minnehaha to treat the first 1.5 inches of runoff to achieve over 80% removal of pollutant loading.  Additionally, 12th Street is over 42ft wide from Minnehaha Ave south to Lakeshore Drive and will be reconstructed to 24ft wide with curb and gutter and sidewalks.  BESH provided post design services which included project specifications, bidding assistance, shop drawing review, review contractor pay request, prepare as-built drawings and certification of completion.



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