Central Sumter Utility Company Water Treatment Plant #1

The scope of work included final design, preparation of construction plans, permitting and construction management for a new 4.32 mgd water treatment plant.  All subconsultants worked directly for BESH.  The plant design consisted of the following major components: design and construction of two potable, 12″ wells with 1,500 gpm well pumps, a 500,000 gallon ground storage tank, a packed tower aeration system with two 1,750 gpm transfer pumps, a sulfuric acid pH adjustment system, three VFD controlled high service pumps with a capacity of 2,000 gpm each, gas chlorination system, electrical and controls, a SCADA system and a high service pump and electrical building.

Due to rising iron levels in the raw water, an iron filtration project was then designed to remedy this issue.  The iron filtration system consists of six filter units within three pressure vessels containing a dual filtration media of Greensand and Anthracite.  Automatic chlorination controlled via ORP probe was also added during this phase of construction.

These projects were completed as design-build.

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