Plantation Water Treatment Plant, Phase 1

Booth, Ern, Straughan & Hiott, Inc., completed a Basis of Design study to determine plant expansion needs and conducted final engineering design and permitting on this plant expansion.  Three existing potable wells were utilized, but the remainder of the existing facility was demolished. A new facility was constructed at a location approximately ¼ mile from the existing site.  Raw water is conveyed to the new site via a new raw water main where it is treated, stored and pumped into the distribution system.  The new plant consists of an 800,000 gallon ground storage tank with aeration, two vertical turbine VFD controlled high service pumps, two VFD controlled vertical turbine jockey pumps, liquid chlorination facilities, standby power facilities and related electrical, controls and SCADA upgrades.  All facilities are housed in a new high-service pumping station building.

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