Central Sumter Utility Company Wastewater Treatment Plant

The scope of work included final design, preparation of construction plans, permitting and construction management for the new 1.60 mgd wastewater treatment plant.  All subconsultants worked directly for BESH.  Work also included master planning all facilities and components for expansion to ultimate flows.  The facility utilizes the EIMCO Carrousel denitlR biological process, and tertiary treatment is provided, with 100% of acceptable effluent being utilized for irrigation of golf courses.  The plant design consisted of the following major components: headworks with mechanical screening and flow splitting, denitrification, aeration via an oxidation ditch, clarification, filtration, disinfection, sludge dewatering via a belt press, effluent holding, standby power generation, effluent distribution pumping and backup disposal via RIB’s

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